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“What we do is no rocket science, but we sure do love it like it is.”

– Barrister Fraz Wahlah, CEO.

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Incorporated at present in the UK to serve Earthlings across the planet, we’re small, we’re friendly, and we’re lightning fast and affordable.

We’re a tech company in a class of its own in that our leadership has made a real difference for the cause of democracy & civil rights over decades long peaceful struggle against dictatorships. We operate and uphold the same ethos of rights & freedom for our users giving them super safe and secure communication, cloud and work tools in the increasingly competitive, complex and challenging online world.

Instead of shareholder profits, we’re driven by the genuine desire to see our users succeed. We use the most cutting edge cloud & tech infrastructure to power your domains, websites and applications and give you a lot of helpful tools for free.

Our offerings, aka Space Suite, include lightning fast, secure and always-online domain names powered by Rocket Cloud Planetary DNS, our unique WordPress hosting stack on Google Cloud called Planetary Cloud, business apps & emails, Planetary CDN, marketing, seo & security tools, and more.

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Our advanced domain engine, powered by ICANN accredited tech, delivers the widest range of Top Level Domain extensions making it easier for our users to find the right domain. What’s more, we deliver ultimate security, uptime and speeds with the planet’s fastest, most reliable and secure Rocket Cloud DNS that comes free with every domain.

We also provide world-exclusive Cricket Club and Soccer / Football Club domains and sports club management systems, Sci-fi inspired secure @Space Email suite of professional email & work apps, and local business hubs such as the London Business Directory and the USA Business Directory.*

Our partnership with Google and Microsoft empowers us to deliver digital transformation via Google Workspace, Google Cloud and Microsoft 365.

We’re head over heels with everything web and strive to be on the cutting-edge of tech to empower our users helping them stay ahead of their competition.

We’ll be over the moon if you hop on the Rocket by registering / transferring domains, signing up for our business productivity apps, and by hosting your website with us. You’ll be well looked after and, for a head-start, get website migration, optimization, premium speed & security tools as well seo & marketing tools, absolutely free. *

No other cloud company invests in their users like we do giving them everything they need to grow their business online and take it to the next level by leveraging our advanced tech.

* Free with our super powerful WordPress hosting stack built on Google Cloud

Partners & Media

Some of our key partners and international media our company or leadership has been featured on

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Lift Off With Us!

We welcome your interest in our offerings which make a big difference for tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.

Please direct all partnership queries to: liftoff [at] rocket.domains. Alternatively, radio us at Ground Control™ and we will get right back to you.

The Celestial Origins of Rocket Domains

Rocket Domains was born in Planet Myles in the inner arm of the Andromeda Galaxy before making Milkyway its permanent home.

Rocket Domains’ revolutionary technology made domains, websites and space travel lightening fast and affordable allowing us to lift off Mylians’ into orbit to become interplanetary and then intergalactic beings.

The same technology allowed us to find, fall in love with, and settle on Planet Earth in the Milkyway galaxy.

We aim to do on Earth exactly what we did on Myles – make domains, websites and space travel lightening fast, secure and affordable for Earthlings!

Rocket Domains launches 1980s Sci-fi inspired @Space.Email

Suite of email and work apps
Nov, 2021

Rocket Domains launches world’s first Gliding Club Domain Name

Gliding Club Domain Name and Club Management System
March, 2021

Rocket Domains launches world’s first Soccer Club Domain Name

Soccer Club Domain Name and Club Management System
March, 2021

Rocket Domains launches world’s first Cricket Club Domain Name

Cricket Club Domain Name and Club Management System featured on Wisden.com
April, 2020

Microsoft and Rocket Domains Partnership

Microsoft and Rocket Domains partner up to provide digital transformations via Microsoft 365
January, 2020

Google and Rocket Domains Partnership

Google and Rocket Domains partner up to provide digital transformations via Google Workspace
February, 2019

Launched Google Cloud Hosting

Super fast, high-end, business class WordPress hosting stack built on Google Cloud
July, 2018

Incorporation as a Separate Company

Incorporated Rocket Domains as a separate company
June, 2018

Launched Rocket DNS

Lightning fast, secure and always-online global DNS infrastructure

Rocket Domains, UK

Launch of domain name services as part of 1st Citizen Lawyers

Space Suite LIFT OFF

Launch of SpaceSuite.com – one of the world’s first few domain name and web hosting service providers.


Started Rocket Domains as a small domain name and online information service provider.

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