“What we do is
no rocket science,
but we sure do love it
like it is.”

Fraz Wahlah


Incorporated at present in Europe to serve Earthlings across the planet, we’re small, we’re friendly, and we’re lightening fast and affordable.

Our offerings include domain names, websites, wordpress hosting, email systems, web security, g suite, and SSL certificates.

Our advanced domain search system, powered by ICANN accredited registrar, delivers the widest range of Top Level Domains (TLDs) available on the planet, at great speed and price.

Rocket Domains is also a certified Google Cloud Partner delivering digital transformation and cloud-based collaboration solutions, via the G Suite Cloud platform.

We’re head over heels with everything web & space and strive to be on the cutting-edge of tech to empower our user-base.

Hop on the rocket for a galactic voyage by registering / transferring your domains and by hosting with us.

You’ll be well looked after and, for a head-start, get free website & logo design, speed optimisation, and seo & marketing tools, worth thousands of dollars, absolutely free. *

No other registrar invests in you like we do – giving you everything you need to grow your business online without breaking the bank.

We’ll be over the Moon if you come on board Rocket Domains ヅ If you don’t, it’ll be a heartbreak of astronomical proportions.

* available for customers signing up for our annual hosting plans with domain registration or transfer.



Fraz Wahlah, the founder and CEO at Rocket Domains, wears a number of feathers in his cap as a tech entrepreneur, barrister, international lawyer, and a civil rights figure.

Both his distinguished political and professional work have been subjects of extensive print and electronic media coverage worldwide.

Fraz is known for his role as the poster child, flag-bearer and leader of one of the planet’s greatest nonviolent movements – for democracy and human rights – in which he confronted and became the youngest political prisoner of a military dictator from the tender age of 4.

His interests include astronomy, astrophysics, cricket and making technology accessible for everyone. He’s an all-rounder cricketer – fast bowler and batsman – playing at Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club of which Rocket Domains is also a sponsor.

Lift Off With Us ™

We welcome interest in our offerings which make a big difference for tens of thousands of people in web, local search and legal industries on a daily basis.

We’d be delighted to hear from you. Please direct all partnership and investment queries to: liftoff[at]rocket.domains

Alternatively, you may also contact Rocket Domains’ GroundControl™ and we will get in touch with you in due course.

Origins of the Galaxy’s
Coolest Domains Registrar

Rocket Domains was born in Planet Myles in the inner arm of the Andromeda Galaxy before making Milkyway its permanent home.

Rocket Domains’ revolutionary technology made domains, websites and space travel lightening fast and affordable allowing us to lift off Mylians’ into orbit to become interplanetary and then intergalactic beings.

The same technology allowed us to find, fall in love with, and settle on Planet Earth in the Milkyway galaxy.

We aim to do on Earth exactly what we did on Myles – make domains, websites and space travel lightening fast, secure and affordable for Earthlings!

Take the Leap to Online Glory ™