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One Click Forwarding

With Rocket Domainsโ€™ Domain URL forwarding service, you can redirect your new domains to any other website, blog, or social media page.

You may choose any of the following types of redirects for your domain name

Temporary Redirect (302 & 307)

A temporary redirect, aka an HTTP 302 or 307 redirect, is used to inform web browsers and other applications that the current request should go to the new URL but that might change in future.

You should probably use this one.

Permanent Redirect (301)

A permanent redirect, aka an HTTP 301 redirect, is used to inform web browsers and other applications that all future requests for the URL should go to the new URL.

This is meant to be carved in stone i.e., permanent; so only use it if you know you will not want to redirect or use the URL in a different way in future.

URL Frame Forwarding

You can use URL Frame Forwarding aka Masked Forwarding to keep your domain name in the address bar of the web browser while the domain itself will direct to another website or social media page. 

However, the visitors will not be able to use the target websiteโ€™s full functionality as expected. Bear in mind, the masked URL forwarding may also have negative effects on SEO.

Useful Domain Features

There are plenty of ways in which you can make use of your domain on Rocket Domains absolutely free.

What are you waiting for? Hop on the rocket, register your favourite domain name and set the URL forwarders from your Rocket Engine dashboard like a pro today.