Domain Opportunities in the New Year

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New Top Level Domains (TLDs) Launch at Rocket Domains

The new year, ladies & gentlemen, is bringing with it great new opportunities for businesses and individuals on the Internet.

Take a look at the most awaited new TLDs’ launch schedule below, and don’t forget to mark your calendar to buy them in time on Rocket Domains.

Upcoming TLDs


General Available New TLDs



.INC, introduced by Intercap Holdings, is the domain extension for incorporated businesses:

Use .INC as an alternative to .COM, .NET, .ORG
Available for registration to all kinds of businesses & individuals without restrictions

1 flat price for all kinds of domains, including single-letters & top keywords (there are no premium domains). Now that is extraordinary!

.Inc Domain Launch Schedule

Sunrise: Jan 16 – Feb 20, 2019
EAP (Early Access Phase): Feb 20 – 27, 2019
General Availability: Feb 27, 2019


And FINALLY, .DEV is being introduced by Google aimed at developers and technology businesses. The .DEV TLD is going to be the first ever secured namespace, which means that the websites using a .DEV domain will need to have an SSL certificate in place for the domain to work.

In other words, the .DEV websites will only function via HTTPS (an encrypted and secured connection) in web browsers.

.Dev Domain Launch Schedule

EAP (Early Access Phase): Feb19 – 28, 2019
Sunrise: Jan 16 – February 19, 2019
General Availability: Feb 29, 2019


Rocket Domains is delighted to announce that it will offer .HOMES domains in the new year from January 23, 2019! The .HOMES TLD is aimed at property/realty, real estate businesses.

Just so you know, we will have a special .HOMES promo to kick off the launch in January.

.Homes Domain Launch Schedule

General Availability: Jan 23, 2019

So mark your calendars for the launch, sit back and relax, and be sure to order your new domains at Rocket Domains – your lightening fast, secure and affordable domain name registration buddy.

The pricing for all new TLDs and promos will be available on Rocket Domains from Jan 16, 2019.

Just so you know, hundreds of new TLDs have already become available for registration on Rocket Domains. So feel free to register new domains, or your existing brand-name in different extensions to prevent cyber-squatters from stealing your identity.

Every new Rocket Domains customer receives goodies worth $60 for a great head-start for their new domain and website on the Internet. Please check our “Current Domain Promotions” page for more details.

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