Email Forwarding with Your Domain

With Rocket Domainsโ€™ free email forwarding service you can create professional email addresses such as โ€œโ€ and automatically forward all incoming emails to an existing email address. You can create up to 100 free email account forwarders absolutely free.

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How to use Email Forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to set up alternative email addresses that forward emails to an existing email address. Let’s say, for instance, you wish to promote a ‘Sales Email’ on your website so that your customers can contact you with their sales related queries.

With Email Forwarding you can set up an email alias like ‘‘ and publish it to your website. You can then connect an existing email address on which you’d like to receive all messages from your new sales email alias.

When you buy a new domain with Rocket Domains or transfer in an existing domain, you get Email Forwarding features with a control panel completely free.

Email Forwarding, therefore, allows you to bond with your customers, organise email delivery and look professional without costing you extra.

You can set up and configure Email Forwarding in a few steps:
1. Sign in to Rocket Domains and click on your domain name.
2. Click on ‘Manage Domain’ and then click on “Email Forwarding’.
3. Create an email address by entering an alias in “Prefix” field.
4. In the “Forward To” field, enter an existing email address that you use, and hit save.

And Voilร , you will now start receiving all emails sent to your new Email Forwarding alias.

That’s how easy it is to create free Email Forwarders on Rocket Domains. Email forwarding is a great way to improve customer communications. You can receive as many departmental or other email aliases as you like. All emails sent to the alias will appear in neatly in your existing inbox in one place.

Email Forwarding will take care of all your incoming email needs. If, however, you wish to also send emails using your new email aliases you can configure “Send From” settings from your Outlook or Gmail account.

You can also opt for business grade email and productivity & collaboration apps by upgrading to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to streamline workflows and operations.

What are you waiting for? Hop on the rocket, register your favourite domain name and set the email forwarders from your MissionControl dashboard like a pro today.