Google Apps

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Business Email

Secure and reliable business email with the most powerful spam protection on the web.
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Online scheduling

Integrated calendar with scheduling & sharing between team members.
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Google Documents

Create, edit & collaborate on documents in your browser anywhere.
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Online Forms

Create web surveys & questionnaires. Gather and analyse data in Sheets.
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Google Groups

Empower teams to project manage & collaborate in groups.
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Online notes

With Google Keep,  enabling teams to to take notes and organise workload.
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Google Drive

Online file storage with real-time collaboration and access management.
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Instant messaging

Integrated  conferencing and instant messaging with Google Hangouts.
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online spreadsheets

Create, edit and share spreadsheets from your browser with Google Sheets.
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online slides

Create, share & collaborate on  presentations with Google Slides.
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google sites

Create and publish simple websites locally or on the web.
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Google Vault

Store emails, chat logs and files securely.