Attention Google Domains Users: Blast off to Rocket Domains for the Ultimate Domain Name Tech!

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In a shocking twist, Google has decided to bid farewell to its domain name registration service, Google Domains. The unexpected move has left users and industry experts astounded. The announcement came alongside the revelation that a website builder services provider in the United States would be acquiring Google Domains in a deal worth a staggering $180 million.

Google Domains, launched in 2014, had just come out of the beta phase. While the service wasn’t known for affordable pricing, it did allow customers to seamlessly integrate their domain names with Google’s popular suite of business email and work apps product called Google Workspace.

For existing Google Domains users, this unexpected news necessitates a critical decision. As they contemplate the future of their domain name management, one compelling Google Domains alternative is: Rocket Domains. Positioned as a rising star in the industry, Rocket Domains offers a robust platform supported by cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unleash the Power of Rocket Domains: Elevating Your Domain Name Experience

Rocket Domains takes domain name technology to new heights with its revolutionary offerings, forming a cornerstone of the remarkable Space Suite product line-up. Step into a world of cutting-edge advancements, where exceptional performance, unrivalled security, and unwavering online presence converge.

Embrace the future with Rocket Domains’ lightning-fast and highly secure domain names, ensuring your online presence never misses a beat. All domains aboard Rocket Domains harness the power of state-of-the-art Rocket Cloud Planetary DNS technology, a premium global DNS infrastructure delivering lightning-fast domain resolution across the planet. The Planetary DNS ensures your domains propel your websites and apps into orbit with superfast, secure and always-online experience for your visitors.

In addition to free Planetary DNS with every domain name, you also get free email forwarding, free domain name redirects/forwarding, DNSSEC, Private NS, and more. Plus, every domain name that you transfer to your Rocket will get its life extended by one more year. Isn’t that amazing? Say no to mediocre domain name registrars giving you slow legacy DNS with your domain. Hit the button below to board the cutting edge Rocket tech!

Deploy Google Workspace – the World’s Best Business Email & Work Apps

Rocket Domains’ excellence doesn’t stop there. If you want email and work apps based on your business domain name, sign up for Google Workspace. As Google Cloud Partners for many years, Rocket Domains provide everything from Google Workspace set up, licensing and migration to technical advice and support.

What’s more, Rocket Domains offers seamless domain name integration with Google Workspace. All you have to do is just click one button from inside your Mission Control dashboard, and Voilร  your domain name is both connected and verified to work with Google Workspace in the blink of an eye.

Sci Fi Inspired @Space Email

For those who want email that does not track or distract you, dive into Isaac Asimov and Sci Fi inspired immersive @Space Email, powered by Google Workspace, where cosmic efficiency meets seamless communication empowering collaboration and productivity in unparalleled ways. @Space Email gives you the universe’s sexiest email addresses on Ad-free Gmail integrated with all of your favorite Google Apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, YouTube and more all without the need to register, maintain and secure a domain name.

Host Your Website on the Planetary Cloud

As part of the comprehensive Space Suite experience the Planetary Cloud, our Google Cloud hosting tech platform specifically engineered for WordPress – taking your website’s performance to interstellar heights. And with Planetary CDN, leverage a Google-based global Content Delivery Network to deliver your content at warp speed to users worldwide. Learn why websites fly with the Planetary Cloud.

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