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Introducing Google Workspace Enterprise

We are excited to announce that Google Workspace Enterprise editions are now available to order from for both existing and new customers starting today.

What is Google Workspace Enterprise?

Google Workspace Enterprise is a suite of enterprise-grade integrated business apps that allows you to set up a cloud-based work environment in which teams can get more done from anywhere, any time, using any device with unlimited cloud storage and Google’s most advanced administrative, security and compliance controls.

Google Workspace & Rocket Domains Advantage

  • Unlimited Google Workspace cloud storage
  • an integrated work experienceย that brings teams together to achieve more while meeting business and customer needs digitally – all in one place
  • the same tools and cloud infrastructure that Google leverages to manage and run its business
  • new ways to get startedย with Google Workspace with plans tailored to meet your business’s unique needs regardless of its nature and size
  • Astronomical Support from Google Cloud Partner Rocket Domains to ensure smooth transition to and operation of Google Workspace
  • your own Mission Control Dashboard giving you 1 click Domain Name integration with Workspace
  • 1 click Workspace License Management (including upgrades/downgrades and adding/removing mailboxes)
  • Lightning fast, super-secure and always online Domain Names thanks to our state-of-the-art Planetary DNS
  • global Google Cloud hosting infrastructure for your business website with lightning fast and secure Planetary CDN

The need for Google Workspace Enterprise

Google Workspace Business editions (Starter, Standard, and Plus) have long been available on for start-ups and small & medium sized businesses (SMB) customers to deploy best-in-class business apps, security protections and administrative controls to run more productive online work environments.

Over the years, we have seen these customers outgrow the Workspace Business editions requiring enterprise-grade tools, features and cloud storage. To support them in their ongoing transition into bigger and more successful business entities, we have made the Google Workspace Enterprise editions part of our business offerings to better serve the diverse needs of our large and expanding customer base.

What features does Google Enterprise editions include and who are they for?

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You can choose from two Google Workspace Enterprise editions, namely: Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus which have much more powerful tools and features than those offered by the Google Workspace Business editions.

While these two Enterprise editions are suited for larger companies, start-ups and SMBs may also opt for them if they want to leverage unlimited cloud storage, enterprise-grade productivity and administrative tools, and Google’s most advanced security & compliance capabilities.

The business apps from other editions that you know and love (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Chat, Spaces etc.) are included as the foundation of the Google Workspace experience.

Google Workspace Business editions (Starter, Standard and Plus) are limited to a maximum of 300 users, however there are no such limitations on the Enterprise editions.

Google Workspace Enterprise Standard Edition’s Distinguishing Features

Google Workspace Enterprise Standard gives you the following features that are not included in the Business Starter, Standard, and Plus plans:

– No maximum number of users
Live streaming Google Meet to 10000 participants
– Unlimited cloud storage
– Enterprise level security and End Point Management
– AppSheet
– Enterprise level data regions
– Cloud identity premium
– Enhanced Data Loss Protections
– Enhanced Support

Google Workspace Enterprise Plus Edition’s Distinguishing Features

Google Workspace Enterprise Plus edition goes even further in terms of features giving you access to everything in the Enterprise Standard Edition plus:

– Live streaming to 100000 participants
– AppSheet Pro
– Third Party Archiving Tools Integration
– Assured Controls

How to sign up for Google Workspace Enterprise Editions

Existing Workspace Users

Existing Google Workspace users can upgrade to Enterprise editions by logging in to their Mission Control dashboard. After logging in, click on Services >> click your Google Workspace package >> and then hit the Upgrade button and complete the order. You will then be automatically upgraded to your desired Google Workspace Enterprise edition giving you unlimited storage and enterprise-grade features and controls.

If you have signed up for Google Workspace elsewhere, go ahead and place an order for Google Workspace. We will then transfer your Google Workspace account over and upgrade you without any disruption whatsoever.

New users

New users can sign up for Google Workspace Enterprise editions by placing an order for Google Workspace Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus. Within minutes of receiving the order, our Astronomical Support will start the setup and configure your Workspace and send you access via email.

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