Introducing Remote Backups for Google Cloud Hosting

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We are pleased to announce yet another service enhancement for all our Google Cloud WordPress website hosting customers – geographically distributed backups.

We decided to separate cloud hosting account and backup locations after the recent debacle, with another cloud services firm in France, in which a major fire disrupted their data center resulting in prolonged down-time and data loss for millions of websites.

From June 1, 2021 we will begin moving all backups to separate data centres keeping all web hosting accounts and their respective backups in separate geographic locations improving our backup strategy by adding geographical redundancy to it.

Migrating your backups to other locations will minimize the risk of data loss and prolonged service outages as the new distributed backups will allows us to bring your website back online from a server that is in a different geographical region.

New backup storage locations

โ€ข Iowa, US servers๐Ÿš€ backed up in Virginia, US
โ€ข London, UK servers๐Ÿš€ backed up in Eemshaven, NL
โ€ข Frankfurt, DE servers๐Ÿš€ backed up in Eemshaven, NL
โ€ข Sydney, AU servers๐Ÿš€ backed up in Singapore, SG
โ€ข Eemshaven, NL servers๐Ÿš€ backed up in Frankfurt, DE
โ€ข Singapore serversback up location TBA

Improved data protection

This protects our users’ accounts against adverse incidents such as publishing errors or hardware failures whilst shielding them as much as possible against natural calamities, power outages or accidental fires which are beyond anyone’s control.

At Rocket Domains, data storage and safety are integral to our state of the art Google cloud infrastructure and services. It’s why each cloud hosting account comes with free daily backups. What’s more we also keep multiple backup copies of hosting accounts on a separate server.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact us.

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