Take a Stand for the Earth: Introducing Save.Earth Domain

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[Birmingham, UK] โ€“ Today, Rocket Domains unveils a revolutionary new domain name system designed to raise awareness about the critical need to protect our planet. Forget generic โ€œ.comโ€ addresses โ€“ with save.earth, you can register meaningful domain names and email addresses that double as powerful digital slogans for environmental action.

Imagine building your online presence on a domain like you.save.earth and email address like you@save.earth. Every visit to your website, every email sent and received, becomes a subtle yet impactful reminder of the urgent need to fight climate change, promote sustainable living, and create a healthier future for all.

Our inspiration behind ‘save.earth’ comes from the Gaia Theory that describes the Earth as a single living, interconnected organism โ€“ one that human-beings are currently endangering with wars, occupation, inequality, pollution, and unsustainable consumption.

The silence of a generic domain can no longer stand. With ‘save.earth,’ we turn every online click into a whisper, then a roar, reminding ourselves and each other of this fragility, this responsibility. It’s a digital ecosystem awakening, an urgent call to action woven into the very fabric of the web.

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More Than Just a Domain Name

Save.Earth offers a unique blend of functionality and advocacy:

Personalized and Meaningful: Express your individual or organizational commitment to the environment with customizable domain name like you.save.earth, and email address like you@save.earth.

Constant Awareness: Every interaction through your โ€œsave.earthโ€ domain, website and email becomes a subtle nudge towards environmental action.

Building a Powerful Brand: your.save.earth brand demonstrate your stand for hope, action, and a brighter future for our planet.

Environment Friendly Tech:ย save.earth is built on green and environment friendly cloud infrastructure

Secure Global DNS: save.earth provides super-secure and always online global Rocket Cloud DNS infrastructure for your websites and apps

Powerful Apps: save.earth comes with fully integrated ad-free Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Bard AI, Drive, Meet, Chat and more.

Philosophy of Save.Earth Domain – A Statement from our CEO

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Fraz Wahlah
In our world, relentless exploitation and consumption of the planet’s resources is maliciously labelled as ‘growth’ because it makes a bunch of powerful people very rich at the expense of the planet and its communities. This draconian approach has resulted in ruthless occupation, destruction, and exploitation of vulnerable communities, defenceless environments, and living beings.

Such absolute disregard for our planet and its inhabitants has been nothing but catastrophic leading to so much pain, suffering and even irreversible extinction of countless species.

The endless wars, bigotry, racism, exploitation, and persecution must cease if we, as a species, are to survive. We must view our planet and all its inhabitants as an interconnected whole, nurturing each element to ensure our collective survival. Just imagine a world where resources are distributed fairly and consumed sustainably, belonging to everyone, not just a powerful few.

We gaze at the Moon’s stark face, the scorching inferno of Venus, the frozen plains of Pluto, or the swirling storms of Jupiter, and a deep chill settles over us. These desolate landscapes, cold and lifeless, serve as stark reminders of Earth’s precious uniqueness. Our planet, a vibrant oasis in the vast cosmic desert, teems with life in all its glorious diversity. Its blue marble hangs there, fragile and irreplaceable.

Carl Sagan’s poignant reflection on our planet as a ‘pale blue dot,’ a mere ‘mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam,’ powerfully encapsulates our world’s fragility and vulnerability. It reminds us of the imperative to cherish and protect this lone sanctuary of life amidst the cosmic void.

We must understand that while billionaires scramble to send their rockets to the outer-space in a last ditch attempt to become relevant before they die after polluting and plundering our beloved planet, without Earth there will be no life as we know it.

Earth is our cradle, our home, our shared future. Protecting it is not just an environmental imperative, it’s the ultimate act of self-preservation. Wars, fascism, inequality, occupation, racism, and the relentless exploitation of the Earth in the name of so-called ‘growth,’ with little regard for its inhabitants and environment, stand as the most significant threats to life on our planet.

It is this painful realization and our dream for a better world that are the driving forces behind our initiative to launch the new Save.Earth domain and email system. Instead of the generic meaningless domains and emails, choose a domain and email that quietly states, ‘I care,’ with every interaction. It’s more than a subtle nudge; it’s a collective declaration for a planet in need, constantly reminding us of our shared duty to protect all life on Earth and see, love, protect and care about all plants, animals, people, and everything else as a collective whole.

By intertwining digital presence with advocacy for the planet and all its inhabitants, we champion universal values of sustainability, equality, and freedom. Every email sent, every website visit becomes a catalyst for change. As we integrate our advocacy into our online communications, we inch closer to a world where digital interactions and environmental and social responsibility are inextricably linked.

This is our invitation to the world: join us in making every online interaction a statement for a better, more sustainable, and equitable future for all. Transform your online presence into slogans for a better future. Choose Save.Earth, and let’s save the Earth together!

Join the Movement

We invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to reserve their save.earth domain and use it to drive and support a global movement for change.

– Visit the save.earth page to learn more and to register your โ€œsave.earthโ€ domain and @save.earth email.

– Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SaveEarth.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and support our mission.

Together, we can harness the power of technology to raise awareness, inspire action, and build a more sustainable future for generations to come. Letโ€™s make every online interaction a statement for the planet โ€“ choose save.earth to save the planet with every click!

About Rocket Domains

Rocket Domains is a UK based tech startup with the belief that technology can be a powerful force for good. We’re committed to using it to create innovative solutions that address the worldโ€™s most pressing challenges.

Fraz Wahlah – CEO
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Together, Let’s Save.Earth

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