How Microsoft helps you enable secure remote work

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Remote work is not a trend, it is here to stay. The importance of secure remote access to business resources, apps, and data in facilitating productive remote work is a significant catalyst to why our customers are choosing Microsoft 365 as a holistic solution. Here’s how Microsoft 365 is helping tens of millions of businesses enable remote work:

โ€ข Enable teams to meet and collaborate from home

Microsoft Teams empowers organisations to give their employees a single platform to securely connect and collaborate regardless of their location. Whether itโ€™s chat, calls, or video, anyone can engage at any time, from anywhere – bringing your workforce closer to get more done. With Microsoft Teams your documents, images, videos, chat logs, and meeting notes are always there, so itโ€™s easier to work together.

โ€ข Engage workforce with events & communications

Microsoft Teams can facilitate town halls, virtual meetings and channels to tag co-workers in chat. Tags let you quickly reach a group of co-workers all at once. What’s more you can categorize co-workers based on attributes, such as role, project, skill, training, or location.

For instance, a “Nurse” or “Manager” or Designer” tag will allow you to reach groups of people without having to type every single name. Once a tag has been assigned, just @mention it in a channel. Everyone with that tag will receive a notification just as they would if they were @mentioned individually. Another way to use a tag is to start a new chat and then select the tag that is assigned to the people you want to reach.

โ€ข Productivity applications available on any device

With Microsoft 365, co-workers can easily find, share, and edit files in real time using their favourite apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Your teams can get more work done wherever they are, on virtually any device.

Microsoft Teams is available on your desktop, on the web, or on your iOS or Android mobile device.

โ€ข Manage and secure access to apps, data & devices

Microsoft 365 makes it easy to secure devices whether they are managed or employee-owned allowing businesses to drive collaboration and productivity with familiar Office apps while saving money.

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Enable Secure Remote Work

Microsoft 365 is crafted to help your business achieve more with your favourite Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

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