Planetary CDN

A truly Planetary CDN that Makes Websites Fly

Deliver your website content from multiple data centers closer to where your visitors are on the planet. A touch of a button is all it takes to seamlessly integrate your website with the planetary CDN aka Rocket Cloud CDN. Made for websites on Rocket powered WordPress hosting on Google Cloud.

transfer your existing domain to Rocket for free Rocket Cloud DNS giving your site bullet proof security, lightning fast DNS speeds and 100% uptime. That means you can thwart DNS, DDoS attacks and run your website at the speed of light with no down time. Transferring your domain will also extend your domain’s life by 1 MORE year.

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Truly Planetary

The following locations power the planetary CDN network: Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Warsaw (Poland), Hamina (Finland), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Council Bluffs (Iowa, US), Moncks Corner (South Carolina, US), The Dalles (Oregon, US), Los Angeles (California, North America).

No Latency

Having both your website hosting and CDN with Rocket makes communication between them faster resulting in lightning fast speeds with zero latency. That is something third party CDNs cannot provide.

Powerful Features

No configurations or Name Server and DNS changes needed. Both static & dynamic caching available. Always online feature keeps your site working even if your original site is down for some reason. Development Mode allows your to see website changes live without having to switch CDN caching off.

CDN Features

Unlimited CDN Traffic / BandwidthโŒ 10 GBโœ…
Dynamic cachingโŒโœ…
Always Online (Stale Caching)โŒโœ…
Cache Duration Setting (TTL)โŒโœ…
Zero Latencyโœ…โœ…
Static Cachingโœ…โœ…
1 click deploymentโœ…โœ…
CDN Servers In 5 Continentsโœ…ย โœ…
HTTP2 Support For More Speedโœ…โœ…
Brotli (Lossless Compression)โœ…โœ…
SSL Supportโœ…โœ…
1 Click Cache Purgeโœ…โœ…
Development Modeโœ…โœ…
HTML, CSS, JS minificationโœ…โœ…
Image compression + lazyloadโœ…โœ…
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Where are the Planetary CDN Servers Located?

We have chosen our content delivery network data centers (CDN) based on years of research into the international Internet traffic patterns. Our highly qualified system and network administrators continuously monitor, upgrade and secure our CDN servers across the world based on the ever changing Internet landscape as well as the needs of our users and their audience. Currently, Rocket Domains uses the following CDN locations on four continents providing coverage for the entire planet.

London (UK)Frankfurt (Germany)
Eemshaven (Netherlands)Hamina (Finland)
Warsaw (Poland)Council Bluffs (Iowa, US)
Moncks Corner (South Carolina, US)The Dalles (Oregon, US)
LA (California, US)Tokyo (Japan)
SingaporeSydney (Australia)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket Cloud CDN

What do I need to do to activate Planetary CDN?

Planetary CDN is for websites hosted with us on the Planetary Cloud. If you aren’t using Planetary Cloud hosting yet, you can sign up here. Existing Planetary Cloud hosting users simply need to sign up for Planetary CDN here. Once activated, CDN will be available for use from inside their Sites/Tools Dashboard.

Please note that in order for Planetary CDN to work, you need to be using our Planetary DNS, i.e. your domain should point to your designated name servers such as:

What locations are available on the Planetary CDN?

The following locations power the planetary CDN network in 5 continents: Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Warsaw (Poland), Hamina (Finland), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Council Bluffs (Iowa, US), Moncks Corner (South Carolina, US), The Dalles (Oregon, US), Los Angeles (California, North America), Madrid (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil)

How much does Planetary CDN cost?

Planetary CDN includes a free and a premium plan. Which of these two plans are suitable depends on your websiteโ€™s needs.

Free CDN plan

The Free CDN plan has the following functionalities, completely free of charge:

  • CDN activation for primary domain names with just one click
  • Caching of your website static content on CDN servers
  • Up to 10 GB bandwidth CDN traffic per month
  • Purge of all cached resources for your website with one click
  • Development mode for checking the latest website changes live quickly and ensuring everything looks good
  • SSL support
  • HTTP2
  • Brotli support
  • HTML, CSS, and JS minification
  • Image compression and lazyload

Premium CDN plan

The Premium CDN plan includes all of the free CDN features plus the following premium ones:

  • CDN activation for all domains: includes subdomains and parked domains
  • Advanced dynamic caching: delivers cached copies of the dynamic pages of your website
  • Unlimited CDN traffic: no bandwidth limits
  • Custom TTL (time to live): select your desired cache TTL
  • Always online: keeps your website live with the already cached pages from our CDN servers, in case your website encounters errors/problems

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