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With Canvasite™

Custom made websites on super fast and secure Google Cloud Infrastructure

With Canvasite™ you get a custom website design as unique and beautiful as an artist’s canvas. Built on super fast Google Cloud infrastructure coupled with our powerful website dashboard Canvasite™ gives you everything you need to excel and thrive in your trade.
Man using a pen to draw on a touchscreen laptop


[ kan-vuhs ] [-ite]

Barrister Fraz Wahlah
The name Canvasite™ always intrigues our great users and we get asked a lot what it means.

Canvasite is a noun comprising of a dictionary word and a suffix: “Canvas” and “-ite”. It means “people of canvas, associated with canvas, or those belonging to canvas.” As such, the word denotes “painters and artists”. Canvasite is also a naturally occurring mineral crystal that is bright blue in color, and is very popular in jewellery collections.

With Canvasite™ you can rest assured you’ll get a website that is so unique and beautiful as if it’s been painted by a wonderful artist on a canvas.