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Whether you’re at home, at work, or in the classroom, Google Workspace is the right way to work, communicate, and collaborate.

Transform everything from your business email, documents, and scheduling, to video conferencing, messaging, and relationship management with tools built on the planet’s safest cloud.

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Familiar tools; fewer distractions *

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Transform your business with Workspace

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Google Workspace seamlessly integrates all of the core elements of work, like email, chat, voice and video calling, document collaboration, storage, task management, security tools, and admin controls so your users can connect, create and collaborate, easily and securely, from wherever they are.

Workspace vs Office 365


Teams are more productive and collaborative with Google Workspace than they are with Office 365:

5% of Google Workspace users are able to easily work with multiple people in the same document, compared to 84% of Office 365 users.

48% of users agree that Google Workspace facilitates more meaningful team conversations, compared to 38% of Office 365 users.

85% of users say Google Workspace helps break down silos that impede effectiveness, compared to 74% of Office 365 users.

60% of Google Workspace users strongly agree that their team works extremely well together, compared to just 49% of Office 365 users.

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Easier Task Management

Crafted for your workplace

Starting at just $9.99 / £7 per user/month

Google Workspace helps teams and organizations of all sizes get more done at work and at home―with tools loved by billions of users across the planet.

Workspace is a place for shared interests, projects, planning, and group work, with simplicity, ease of use, and helpful features that make any kind of work a little more satisfying. And it’s designed with industry-leading security and privacy protections built-in.

Sign up for Workspace and we’ll get you up and running in no time with free Workspace configuration and setup. Alternatively, contact us and speak to Google Workspace experts who can help you get started. You may also browse Workspace learning centre for helpful tips and guides made for both new users and power users

World’s most useful apps

Powering Millions of Businesses.

Gmail on Google Workspace Logo

Business Email

Secure and reliable business email with the most powerful spam protection on the web.
Google Calendar on Google Workspace Logo

Online scheduling

Integrated calendar with scheduling & sharing between team members.
Google Docs on Workspace Logo

Google Documents

Create, edit & collaborate on documents in your browser anywhere.
Forms on Google Workspace Logo

Online Forms

Create web surveys & questionnaires. Gather and analyse data in Sheets.
Google Groups Gmail on Workspace Logo

Google Groups

Empower teams to project manage & collaborate in groups.
Google Keep Notes on Workspace Logo

Online notes

With Google Keep,  enabling teams to to take notes and organise workload.
Drive on Google Workspace Logo

Google Drive

Online file storage with real-time collaboration and access management.
Messaging on Google Workspace Logo

Instant messaging

Integrated  conferencing and instant messaging with Google Hangouts.
Google Sheets on Workspace Logo

online spreadsheets

Create, edit and share spreadsheets from your browser with Google Sheets.
Slides on Google Workspace Logo

online slides

Create, share & collaborate on  presentations with Google Slides.
Google Sites on Workspace Logo

google sites

Create and publish simple websites locally or on the web.
Vault on Google Workspace Logo

Google Vault

Store emails, chat logs and files securely.

Google Workspace Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you’re looking for

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-based suite of business communication, collaboration, and productivity apps built specifically for efficiency, and growth.

What is included in Google Workspace?

Google Workspace plans provide a custom email for your business and include collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and more. For more details, please check out Workspace plans and pricing page.

Do we have to maintain a server for Google Workspace to work?

Not at all. Google Workspace is a Cloud-based solution helping you get rid of on-premise server and maintenance costs/needs. What’s more Google Workspace tools are accessible from anywhere, any time, and any device.

How do I sign up for Google Workspace?

Signing up for Google Workspace is easy. If you’re a business with less than 300 employees, you can sign up with Rocket Domains online and start using Workspace today. What’s more we’ll setup and configure Workspace for you for free and get you up and running in no time.

For companies with more than 300 employees please contact sales to learn more about our Workspace enterprise plans.

What is the difference between G Suite and Workspace?

The core apps in both G Suite and Workspace are the same. However, Workspace provides a better integrated experience across all of Google’s communication and collaboration tools allowing you to get everything done in one place.

Can I migrate my existing email to Google Workspace?

Absolutely. Google Workspace migration tools and support are available for importing your old emails from other environments, such as Microsoft®, IBM® Notes® and other email systems. For email migration please contact our Workspace team for a quote.

Can I replace my current software with Google Workspace?

Yes you can easily replace your existing email and office software with Google Workspace to create, edit, share and store all kinds files, including word documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations etc.

You can also collaborate on these documents with others in real time and store them in the cloud with Google Drive.

Google Workspace apps are web browser based which means they work across devices and, unlike desktop applications, there is no software to install. Google Workspace is also compatible with files created in other programs, such as Open Office and Microsoft Office 365.

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