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Speed, Performance & Security

Global Premium DNS

Speed, security and up-time are what make or break an online business. Rocket Domains’ advanced yet affordable global premium DNS network delivers ultimate level speed, performance, accessibility and security for mission critical websites.

RocketDNS™ always available, and globally connected DNS infrastructure & security features make it harder for criminals to hurt your online business

We host your DNS information on multiple servers across the planet allowing your customers to reach you via the closest server location, for a faster response time whilst ensuring your website is always online. 

What’s more, RocketDNS’ bullet proof DNSSEC enforces multiple layers of security and protection to shield you from cyber criminals, hackers and DDoS attacks with our state-of-the-art “look up” protocol which verifies all traffic to your website.

Powered by RocketDNS

Regardless of whether yours is a personal, business or e-commerce website, RocketDNS ensures that your website is always accessible with faster speed, 100% uptime and watertight security thereby adding to your bottomline.

One Click Deployment

Easily switch legacy DNS for your websites, applications and domains to Rocket Domains’ cost-effective, high-performance premium DNS with all the following benefits

Faster Speed

Fully redundant, globally connected locations, make Rocket Domains Premium DNS your solution of choice for your need for speed.


If 100% SLA isn’t met, you’ll get credit for number of days below the SLA for up to 30 days

Proven Security

Our reliable, proactive and vigilant multi-layer security protects you against cybersecurity risks & threats like DDoS attacks


RocketDNS is priced to impress and be easy on your bottomline

Insightful Analytics

Your own Personalised Analytics Dashboard showing valuable insights on your DNS traffic

Easy to Use

Manage RocketDNS from your user friendly Mission Control Dashboard


Insights from DNS Analytics Data

Powerful DNS Analytics
Helpful DNS Stats & Data

Valued client feedback

RocketDNS Happy Customer

“Over the last few years, RocketDNS has enabled us to achieve 100% uptime and faster DNS resolution whilst protecting us from DDoS attacks. With the product’s robust functionality, affordability, and ease of use, we feel supported like a hand in glove.”

David Foxall

CEO of Action Graphics

Premium DNS Pricing Plans

Annual plans based on number of monthly queries the DNS zone can make
Starting at around a $1 /month

  • 2 million queries
  • 24/7 DNS traffic monitoring
  • DNSSEC features
  • 100% Uptime
  • DDoS Protection
  • Faster DNS Resolution
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Management Dashboard
  • Astronomical Support
  • All Mercury features
  • 5 million queries
  • All Mercury features
  • 15 million queries

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