Rocket Domains Announces PHP 8.2 as Default Version on All Servers

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Rocket Domains is thrilled to announce that PHP 8.2 is now the default version on all our servers. Starting today, all new websites created on Rocket Domains will utilize PHP 8.2 by default. Additionally, websites using our Managed PHP service will be gradually upgraded to this latest version.

What does this mean for Rocket Domains Users?

  • ⭐Faster Execution Times: Experience significantly improved performance and faster execution times, enhancing the overall user experience on your websites.
  • ⭐Enhanced Security: Benefit from the latest security enhancements in PHP 8.2, ensuring your websites are more secure and resilient against potential threats.
  • ⭐Access to the Latest PHP Functionalities: Unlock new features and functionalities introduced in PHP 8.2, enabling you to leverage cutting-edge technology for your web projects.

We strongly recommend clients not currently using our Managed PHP service to upgrade to PHP 8.2 manually to take advantage of these improvements.

You can easily upgrade your websites to PHP 8.2 from inside your Mission Control dashboard.

About Rocket Domains

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