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Making the Switch to the Planetary CDN

We’re replacing the free CloudFlare CDN service with our optimized Planetary CDN. All websites currently using the free Cloudflare service and whose domains are pointed to our Nameservers will be gradually switched to our free CDN starting from 5th August 2022.

With this switch, all our wonderful users will get а powerful and reliable CDN service that works out of the box with their Planetary Cloud hosting environment giving WordPress websites the optimal speed across the planet.

Why the Planetary CDN?

Here’s why you should have the Planetary CDN powering your website.

More speed for our users/Rocketeers

Planetary CDN is made for websites hosted on our state-of-the-art Planetary Cloud / Google Cloud infrastructure for WordPress websites. It can do wonders in terms of speed and performance for mission-critical websites and those that receive global traffic from around the planet.

Easier deployment and management

The Planetary CDN can be easily deployed and managed from your website hosting tools Dashboard >> Speed >> CDN section. No external DNS or website configuration are required.

Zero latency

With Planetary CDN you have both your WordPress website hosting and CDN powered by a single provider: Rocket Domains. This ensures total compatibility and great connectivity with zero latency between both services.

Powerful features with both free and premium plans

The Planetary CDN has two plans to choose from. The free plan gives you: ⦿ Static Caching of your content with a ⦿ 10GB traffic bandwidth limit, and ⦿ Data centers across 5 continents on the planet. The premium plan will unlock ⦿ Dynamic Caching *, ⦿ Unlimited CDN bandwidth/traffic, ⦿ Always online * feature, in addition to more powerful tools at your disposal. Both plans give you:

⦿ SSL support
⦿ Brotli support
⦿ HTML, CSS, and JS minification
⦿ Image compression and lazyload
⦿ No DNS Configurations required
⦿ Zero Latency
⦿ Dev Mode
⦿ Astronomical Support

* Dynamic Caching serves cached copies of the dynamically generated pages of your website by default, whereas “Always Online” keeps delivering the pre-cached pages from our CDN servers when your main website starts encountering errors.

What to do to make the switch?

If your domains are pointed to our DNS Nameservers, we will perform the switch with zero downtime for websites. If your domains are not using our Nameservers, and you would like to start using the Planetary CDN, please point them to your designated Nameservers before the switch on 5th August 2022.

Each Rocketeer is assigned a set of nameservers like the ones below:

If you don’t know your name servers, please contact our support team.

Signing up for the Planetary CDN

If you sell products or services online or have a business-critical website with international traffic from around the planet, or if you want to give every visitor your website’s best performance, you need the Planetary CDN.

Wanna unlock more power for your website? Go ahead and sign up for the Planetary CDN today!