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A. Timms
A. Timms
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The domain that made history

.COM was one of the world’s first generic top-level domains (gTLDs) established over three decades ago in 1985. It derives its name from the word ‘commercial’ as .COM was intended for organizations engaged in commerce. Since its inception .COM domain has been the most popular domain name in the world. .COM domain registration is open to everyone. Today, the .COM and its twin .NET domain boast the highest number of registrations in the world with a combined total of 168 million domain name registrations to-date (June 2021)

The domain that is universal

.COM is so popular it is pretty much synonymous with the Internet itself. .COM is known across the world transcending languages, boundaries and cultures. Whether you want to start a business or set up a personal website, registering .COM should be your first step for it is the easiest to promote, remember and share giving your personal, business or e-commerce website instant recognition and credibility online.

How to choose a .com domain

Enter a keyword in the .COM domain name search field above and hit enter or search. On the next page you’ll see available domain names. Use the toggle to refine your domain search results. Try to keep it short and relevant to what you do. It could either be your personal, business or product name, or a catchy slogan. The key is that it should be memorable, so use word or phrases that your customer will find easy to remember and recommend.

.COM Domain Pricing

Price per year of registration$11
Price for transfer
(transfer extends the domain’s life for an extra year)
Fee to restore an expired or deleted domain$120

.COM Key Information

Support for international characters, for instance ‘グ’YES
Number of years of registration allowed10 years
Auto-renew grace period: Days after registration expires when domain serving is disrupted if auto-renew is enabled15 days
Expiry disruption period: Days after registration expires when domain serving is disrupted if auto-renew is not enabledNone
Renewal grace period: Days after expiry when domain can be renewed with one year of registration at standard pricing. Domain is deleted after this period30 days
Restoration grace period: Days after domain is deleted when it can be restored for an additional fee of $120 plus one year of registration at $1130 days
Days after the domain is deleted before it is available for registration by anyone35 days

.COM DNS Reference

Minimum / maximum characters in .com domain3 – 63
Allows WHOIS privacyYes
WHOIS privacy providerISPAPI
Number of name servers2-13
DNSSEC SupportYes
PremiumDNS Support
See RocketDNS Global DNS


Are .com domains better for SEO?

Google has confirmed that having a .com domain does not directly affect a website’s search rankings. Overall, Google treats new gTLD domain names just like other gTLDs (like .com & .net).

How many years can I buy .com domains for?

You can buy your .com domain for anywhere between 1-10 years. Registering it for longer will ensure you don’t lose your domain in the event of a missed payment or renewal deadline.

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