Rocket Domains Announces Upcoming MySQL 8 Cloud Update

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Rocket Domains is pleased to announce the scheduled update of our cloud hosting accounts to MySQL 8. This update is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the performance, security, and compatibility of our hosting services. The update is set to take place in the last week of June, 2024 at midnight.

MySQL 8 has reached a level of maturity and widespread adoption, ensuring its compatibility with all major applications used by our clients. It’s for this reason we are now deploying MySQL 8 as the default version on our servers, offering our customers the latest advancements in database technology.

What are MySQL 8 Advantages

  • ⭐Improved Performance: MySQL 8 offers significant performance improvements over previous versions, including enhanced query processing, better memory management, and advanced indexing techniques. These enhancements lead to faster data retrieval and more efficient handling of large datasets, ensuring a smoother and more responsive experience for users.
  • ⭐Enhanced Security: Security is a top priority with MySQL 8, which includes features like improved password management, stronger encryption protocols, and enhanced authentication methods. These updates help protect your data against unauthorized access and potential security threats, providing peace of mind for users and administrators alike.
  • ⭐Advanced JSON Support: MySQL 8 provides advanced JSON functionality, allowing for more efficient and flexible handling of JSON data. This includes improved functions for JSON validation, manipulation, and storage. These capabilities enable developers to work more effectively with semi-structured data, making it easier to integrate with modern web applications and APIs.

When will this update get applied?

The update will be carried out late at night to minimize disruption, as server traffic is typically low during this period. A brief service interruption, lasting up to 30 minutes, may occur while the software is being updated. Customers with questions or concerns about the upgrade are encouraged to contact our support team via Mission Control.

About Rocket Domains

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