Your IP & location in Universe

Milkyway (Orion-Cygnus arm)
Sol (Inner Solar System)
Third Planet – Terra

Country: United States (US)
City: Boydton
Latitude: 36.6648°N
Longitude: -78.3715°E
Accuracy radius: 1000km

Before you freak out, we do not use, track, or store this information. Neither do we share it with any droids, machines, humans or alien-beings in the Universe.

It’s for your eyes only.

What happens on your Rocket, stays in your Rocket.

Location of our Sun in Milkyway Galaxy in the Orion-Cygnus Arm. Image Credit: Credit: T. Dame
Location of Our Sun in Milkyway Galaxy in Orion-Cygnus Arm. Credit: T. Dame

IP, Internet Protocol Address, is a unique number that identifies all information and communication technology devices such as printers, routers, modems, etc. It allows devices to locate, communicate with and transmit data to other devices on a network or on the Internet.

In other words, IP is the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet.


IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6 is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP). It’s an upgrade from IPv4. IPv6 addresses are represented as eight groups, separated by colons, of four hexadecimal digits.  An IPv6 address looks like this 3600:1005:b062:61e4:74d7:f292:802c:fbfd and an IPv4 addresses looks like this