Why Google Workspace is Great for Your Business

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Google Workspace means familiar tools; fewer distractions; more time to make it happen.

With Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, you get all the useful functionality of Gmail, Calendar, Docs that your workforce may already be familiar with, but with the added advantage of it working on your business domain name.

There’s, therefore, very little learning curve involved allowing you to leverage Google Workspace’s powerful features to transform your company into a highly efficient business machine. It’s why most Rocket Domains customers opt for Google Workspace to run their business.

Today I am sharing with you 10 reasons why Google Workspace is great for your business. 

1. Workspace lets you email like a pro

When you have a professional email address for everyone in your business, like you@company.limited, using your domain name and integrated cloud-based business productivity and collaboration applications you know you’re all set to help your business achieve its full potential. Google Workspace gives you exactly that with its advanced yet easy to use business email and more.

With Google Workspace you can also create unlimited generic free aliases allowing your team members to receive emails on an alternate address. For example, your Sales team can receive emails using the alias ‘sales@company.limited‘. They can also choose to reply to these emails using either their individual email (jessica@company.limited) or the Sales alias (sales@company.limited).

2. Workspace drives real-time collaboration

Google Workspace brings your team together irrespective of whether they are under the same roof or spread across the planet empowering them to collaborate with shared drives, calendars, voice & video conferencing, secure team messaging and more – driving productivity to a whole new level.

Google Workspace also has web-based Docs (word processor), Sheets (spreadsheets), Forms, Slides and Sites which team members can work and collaborate on, store as well as share in cloud-based Drive which securely stores all your files and makes them available with access controls from anywhere using any device.

With real-time co-editing feature in Google Workspace, teams can edit the same Doc, Sheet or Slide simultaneously, eliminating the version control friction while teams are working from home. Real-time co-editing allows changes to happen instantly while all team members can see them allowing everyone to understand one another and build on other’s ideas. This in turn results in consensus being reached more quickly especially with commenting and action items.

In case teams need to discuss changes, they can easily set up a meeting via Team Calendar, have a Google Meet video call โ€” without time constraints. They can also iron out the details on Team Chat. What’s more they can record meetings in the cloud for reference.

Google Workspace also has Google Currents which allows you to create an intra company social network to streamline communication across the board, share relevant content with co-workers, start discussions and get valuable feedback from workforce for your leadership team to make key decisions.

3. Store and share files in Cloud with Google Drive

Google Workspace gives each of your team members their own Google Drive where they can store documents, drafts and other files securely. Where co-workers need share files, you can give each team their own joint team drive allowing them to share documents and files to collaborate on.

Additionally, Google Drive has advanced access controls allowing workers and teams to grant access and assign permissions to others. Where a worker leaves the company or no longer needs access, the team drive manager can easily revoke their access.

4. Workspace has the world’s best search tech

The whole Workspace platform is integrated with your own Google Search and AI tools making finding information with your business cloud a piece of cake.

5. Workspace gives you controls & insights

The built-in powerful admin controls and Work Insights reporting tools in Google Workspace allow you to securely optimize and manage apps, user privileges, devices and data from a single admin dashboard. Google Workspace dashboards allow you to add and remove users and groups, customize the user access and experience, manage devices, create roles, assign permissions and configure security settings.

For instance, you can easily block untrusted apps, enforce security keys or require two-step authentication. Enhanced email scanning, security analytics and best practice recommendations check and protects against security threats in order to keep your business secure.

See what makes security & privacy cornerstones of Google Workspace.

6. Workspace gives you AI powered productivity insights

Google Workspace uses machine learning, language processing and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI) to remove friction, automate tasks and empower your team with insights to make informed decisions.

For instance, when workers book online meetings in Calendar, Google Assistant automatically finds a time and adds optimized rooms for each participant. Predictive text in Gmail can help complete their sentences, and Nudge reminds them to respond to messages. Google Sheets integrated with BigQuery allows workers to manage, analyze and interpret large volumes of real-time data with convenience.

Google Workspace enables workforce to break down information silos and AI making them more productive, collaborative and better informed.

7. Workspace is a proven solution of choice

With Google Workspace you can empower your workforce with proven apps and tools to efficiently run your business. Needless to mention, Google itself utilises the same Workspace productivity apps to manage its workforce and global operations. No wonder millions of businesses across the planet choose Google Workspace to manage their operations and drive collaboration and productivity.

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8. Workspace integrates with CRM and other third-party apps

You can easily integrate Google Workspace with CRM and other third-party apps to allow your workforce to work seamlessly across platforms, all from within Google Workspace. Teams can access apps with single sign-on without having to toggle between Workspace and other apps and deal with multiple data points. With such integration your business can get an immediate productivity boost eliminating data duplications, inconsistencies and human-error.

For instance, with Salesforce integration your sales team and customer support team can autolog tasks, interactions, calls, meetings and emails in Salesforce from within Gmail. Workforce can also view account information and insights from Salesforce in Google Workspace and easily pull CRM data into Google Sheets.

9. Workspace business impacts are promising

While Microsoft Office was once the only option, it is now competing against several alternatives, most prominently Google Workspace. Google commissioned Quadrant Strategies to examine and compare the effects of both solutions on the companies that use them in several critical areas:

5% of Google Workspace users are able to easily work with multiple people in the same document, compared to 84% of Office 365 users.

48% of users agree that Google Workspace facilitates meaningful team conversations, compared to 38% of Office 365 users.

Access to information
85% of users say Google Workspace helps break down silos that impede effectiveness, compared to 74% of Office 365 users.

60% of Google Workspace users strongly agree that their team works very well together, compared to 49% of Office 365 users

Download Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 Infographic

10. Getting Started with Workspace is easy

Getting started with Workspace is super easy without breaking the bank. You can start with Workspace Starter subscription with 30 GB of storage and 100 participant video meetings. Workspace Standard, on the other hand, gives you 2 TB of storage and 150 participant video meetings + recording. Workspace Plus comes with 2TB of storage and 250 participant video meetings + recording. And then there’s Workspace Enterprise version for larger organisations.

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