Workspace Environmental Impact

Google Workspace Team Collaboration Screen

The planet’s

Cleanest Cloud

Doing more with less energy
Google Workspace is powered by AI-optimized, efficient data centres that are twice as energy efficient than average and, compared to 5 years ago, deliver 7 times the computing power for the same amount of electricity.

Zero net emissions
Using Google Workspace means you will meet your sustainability commitments and minimize the environmental impact of IT ops. We use 100% renewable energy including the electricity that powers your workloads.

Commitment to Carbon-free energy
With Google and Rocket Domains you will be working with the companies that have set the goal to completely decarbonize electricity by 2030.

Branded Email

Send email from your own business web address. Create group mailing lists such as sales@yourcompany

admin controls

Add/remove users, create groups, enable security options such as 2-step verification & single-sign-on (SSO)

Plenty of Storage

Workspace Basic edition gives 30GB of cloud storage/user. For unlimited storage, upgrade to Business or Enterprise edition

device management

Keep business data secure with remote device management. Locate devices, require passwords and erase data remotely

astronomical support

Get help from a live person whenever you need it. You can also find fast answers online in your Rocket Manual

data migration

Use our migration services to move your company’s critical data to Workspace

Show the world how to do it