Rocket Domains Launches World’s First Domain Name for Handball Clubs

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Rocket Domains, a premier online domain name, work apps and cloud infrastructure provider, has announced the world’s first domain name for Handball Clubs, providing clubs with the opportunity to have a unique, memorable and relevant domain name that truly reflects their brand identity. With the launch of these domain names, Handball Clubs no longer have to settle for unrelated and difficult-to-remember TLDs, such as .org, .com or

Make Your Club Name Your Domain Name!

Thanks to the innovative domain name system, clubs can now use their actual club name as their domain name and website address by simply adding two dots, making it easier for fans, sponsors and members to reach the right club website.

This means ‘York Handball Club’ can have ‘’ as their domain, which is much easier to recall than ‘’ You can see how short, memorable, and meaningful this new Handball Club domain name is. 😉

These innovative domain names will enable anyone to reach any Handball Club’s website on the planet without having to memorize their domain or first search for it online because the club’s actual name will be the domain name, making it much easier to recall.

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Rocket Domains’ CEO, Fraz Wahlah, stated that “more and more clubs now seek domain names that are brandable and easier to remember. Handball Club domain names are the ideal solution to getting your club the most memorable web address on the planet.”

In addition to making domains more memorable and relevant, the launch of Handball Club domain names was driven by the findings of some interesting research that revealed how some fans, sponsors, and members search for baseball and basketball clubs on the Internet.

Capturing lost visitors, fans, and sponsors!

The research showed that many searches for Handball Clubs online were of the following form: text queries that comprised club names or locations followed by ‘’ with dots instead of spaces, input into the browser’s address bar, which often doubles as a search engine. For instance, a fan looking for a handball club called ‘Jersey Handball Club’ or a club based in ‘Jersey’ might type the following string into their browsers:

However, the web browser treated the attempted query as a domain name due to the added ‘dots’ and displayed no search results at all since there was no Handball club domain name system in existence previously. As such, people were not able to reach the right club website.

The new Handball Club domains solve that problem as all those failed club searches will now result in more people connecting with their desired club websites.

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Getting domain is easy!

The new Handball Club domains are available as standalone options allowing clubs to use this new domain with their current websites.

Clubs and brands may also opt for a branded website, club management, and cloud hosting solution providing them with a stellar online presence with fixtures, teams, match results, player profiles, statistics, membership, sponsors, payments and more.

The new Baseball & Basketball Club Domains are available through the Handball.Club, Rocket Domains,, and Space Domains websites. The domain will soon be available through additional Registrars.

Clubs in developing countries with limited finances can send us a message to get the domain, website, and club management system for free for the first year.


The launch of Handball.Club domains by Rocket Domains represents a major step for Handball Clubs, providing them with the opportunity to have a memorable, meaningful and relevant domain name that reflects their brand identity with which their members and fans can relate. With easy access to these new domains, clubs can now reach their desired audience more effectively and capture lost visitors, fans, and sponsors. So, whether you’re a club looking to improve your online presence or a registrar interested in partnering with us, we invite you to explore the possibilities of Handball.Club domains and join us in empowering the world of sports. Visit Handball.Club today to learn more and get started.

Rocket Domains invites clubs looking to improve their online presence to sign up for Handball.Club and take their Handball Club to the next level!

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Do you share our dream of giving every Handball Club a branded domain and a great online presence empowering them to reach their full potential?

Become an accredited registrar partner, and help your customers unlock the value of their digital identity with Handball Club Domain. Apply here and we will be in contact with you to discuss the benefits of our program.

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